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Now first of all I do like Hong Kong a lot. Others may be a trifle skeptical, for example Hong Kong Sucks. I found this blog while challenging Google to explain why many Hongkongers buy rainforest-obliterating volumes of toilet roll. But honestly you can walk around this great city with your eyes closed (as indeed, many do) and still have your mind boggled. I had heartburn (too much HK for one day) so went to Watsons. And, lo, another example of oriental ubercleanliness. Just how big are the bathroom cabinets here? I’m still none the wiser re nuclear winter amounts of bogroll. But, after ten minutes of increasing epigastric discomfort queuing behind Mrs Clean and her complex, protracted – and l o  u   d – negotiations concerning nine litres of Palmolive Optimax, I had to double-up on the Rennies.

Damn, I'm feeling filthy today.

After a delay while Mrs Clean took excited possession of her 1000-piece cotton bud free gift (surely an invitation to immoderate ear-poking, deafness and even more earsplitting conversation) I made my way to dinner. En-route I couldn’t help but capture this picture of domestic bliss – Sai Ying Pun style. A gentleman out for a stroll with his wife. And his bucket.

Louis Vuitton is so yesterday in Sai Ying Pun.

It would be more than a little mendacious to criticise the food in Hong Kong. Especially hailing from Britain. And I can happily report that – so far – this evening’s Taiwanese lived up to a level of expectation apparently far exceeding those of my pail-toting neighbour.


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